School trips

Contact with nature and rediscovery of authenticity

Being able to talk to the farmer, see what he does, listen to his explanations, be in contact with the animals: children on school trips always get excited when they come to visit us, both the little ones and the older ones.

We offer a wide range of activities commensurate with the age of our guests: we organise various educational workshops with everything found on the farm, we work on the senses - especially with the youngest ones - and let the children experience some activities in the farmer's life first-hand.

We also organise nature visits to the Karst and have a refreshment area where you can have a packed lunch.

Our workshops

Let's get our hands dirty

Through the senses, we rediscover the riches of all seasons such as, for example, observing and discovering the "good" and "bad" insects that live in the garden!

Each season has its own activity:

  • in spring we sow medicinal plants and vegetables
  • in summer we collect the fruits of the earth
  • in autumn we fertilise the garden and prepare the land for winter

From wheat to egg

The activity represents a sensory learning process.

Children understand and experience first-hand the entire production chain from raw material to finished product.

Suitable period: all year round

We bring home the cheese we've made

Together with Andrea the shepherd and cheesemaker, we produce the cheese from milk through a tactile-sensorial experience.

The idea of this workshop was born from the desire to bring children closer to the rural world and introduce them to the origin and the process of product formation.

At the end of the workshop the children will be able to take home a sample of cheese.

360° olfactory-sensory journey

In this workshop, children spend a whole day with the farmer, using:

  • sight and hearing when going out to pasture
  • touch and smell to recognise the cereals and herbs our animals eat

Suitable period: spring, summer and autumn.

Discovering donkeys

A unique experience with the donkey: children discover how donkeys live, what they need and what their habits are.

The activity is integrated with donkey games.

Period: all year round

Walking with the sheep

We spend a day as a shepherd with the Karst sheep, a species our farm is preserving in the front line.

The proposed activity is based on sensorial development: observing, discovering and listening to the noises of the sheep grazing and the environment that surrounds them.

Suitable period: spring-summer-autumn.