Our shop

Bring the Karst to the table

All our products are the result of a long farming tradition that the new generations have decided to carry on in the farm and agritourism activities. In this way we can offer authentic, zero-miles food, recognised for its quality.

After all, the origin of our products is behind the door: you can visit the farm animals during the shop's opening hours and experience our business hands-on.

Depending on the seasons and the different production cycles, you can buy from us:

  • Karst raw ham aged 24 months
  • pork salami
  • lamb salami
  • Vienna-style lamb sausages
  • cotechino (large pork sausage)
  • pork sausages
  • ombolo (pork loin)
  • ossocollo (pork neck)
  • porchetta (roast pork)
  • pancetta

And then there are our pecorino cheeses:

  • fresh caciotta
  • cheese aged 30-60-90-120 days
  • cheese with herbs and flowers picked from the Karst pastures
  • caciotta with juniper berries
  • cheese with vegetable rennet
  • fresh ricotta
  • fresh ricotta with herbs

Opening Hours

The shop is located at the farm and is open Monday to Friday, 5pm to 6pm.

The products can also be purchased in the AgriRistoro during its opening hours, from April to July and September to November at the following times:

  • Saturday from 10am to 10pm
  • Sunday from 10am to 5pm