The Karst farm that chooses tradition

Experience the nature of our land

Smelling the earth, playing with farm animals, getting your hands dirty and tasting genuine zero-miles products.

We aim to let you discover a real, demanding and involving business to convey the passion and commitment we put in every day of the year.

Join us, you can experience the Karst and its elements first-hand.

Ceroglie, in the heart of Karst

The elders of the place tell how the name of the town derives from a type of oak that shaded the valley until a century ago.

The history of the Antonič family is deeply intertwined with these lands.

Here we tell you about our story.

Educational Farm

Whether you're a child or an adult, discovering the farmer's life will make you see things from a new point of view. Find your activity.

Antonič Farm

Tradition, passion, commitment. Our Karst sheep are perhaps the living example of this. Discover their history