Educational farm

Get to know berto and the other animals of the Asino Berto's educational farm

Educational visits, farm days, walks and transhumances with livestock, weeks as farmers in the summer, nights under the stars ... in our farm children and families learn respect for animals, tranquillity and commitment to rural life, but above all they understand the importance of authenticity in a place just outside the city of Trieste.

This is the focal point of our activity, which since 2010 has been dedicated to bringing families closer to the rural and agricultural world, and since 2015 it has been formally recognised as an Educational Farm by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Agency for Rural Development.

Why Asino Berto

Here everything has a story; this is how the name of the Farm came about: in 2008, a newly adopted donkey, Susy, gave birth to a foal. Being present at this unexpected magic bound us to these two donkeys; and precisely that foal, Berto, became our mascot, and it is to him that we dedicated the Educational Farm.

Activities on the farm