A family history

Once upon a time in the Karst

The history of the Antonič family is deeply intertwined with the tradition of sheep breeding on the Karst: before the Second World War, Annamaria's paternal grandfather Loize had a flock of almost 3,000 sheep that he took to graze in rotation on the whole area between Grado and Postojna. During the war it was not possible to keep the flock, and Loize devoted himself to the cows in Ceroglie.

The return of sheep and their cheeses

For Loize's son Giuseppe - Annamaria's father - that story of the sheep had remained in his heart, so in the late 1990s he decided to restart the sheep business with 200 sheep, Sardinian and Istrian-Karst.

As well as the sheep, Giuseppe also wanted to resume the cheese tradition, to savour the flavours he remembered from when he was a child. The family recipes were found and perfected to obtain that exact taste. His wife Sonja devoted herself to producing pecorino cheese, taking on the role of cheesemaker and looking after the dairy.

The new generation: the Štoka family

Annamaria and her husband Andrea Štoka took over the management of the farm. Today Andrea has taken on the tradition: with pride he can be said to be the farmer, the farm's point of reference. He personally takes care of everything, guiding his employees.

Of course Andrea is helped by Annamaria, whose first career was as a teacher. And it is precisely Annamaria's skills that have allowed the Educational Farm to be created, grow and be recognised for the quality of its offering by many other families in our area.

In addition to the farm, precisely to share the flavours of the area, Andrea and Annamaria decided to open the AgriRistoro, where you can savour the tradition of our lands.

It is a story of passion, perseverance, love, memories, joy, sacrifice, creativity and hope: common elements we can find in every character in this story, which now spans three generations.