We choose tradition

Very close to the farm, at the foot of Mount Ermada, and immediately after the little church of Ceroglie, you will find our AgriRistoro where we offer traditional dishes with a short supply chain.

In fact, we use our own products or those of the territory to guarantee authenticity and quality in an almost bucolic context.

The menu based on our raw materials

The fruit of the earth and the animals must be preserved: when you have excellent products available, you must try to alter them as little as possible so that their flavour does not change.

This is why our dishes reflect the simplicity and seasonality of the products.

Our menu contains, therefore, our meats, vegetables from our garden and the cheeses from our flock.

Complete respect for the environment

We are extremely serious about the impact of our work on the environment, that is why we are a green structure: the AgriRistoro uses energy produced by its photovoltaic systems, thus reducing CO2 emissions to a minimum.

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