The AgriRistoro menu

Our menu varies according to the season, precisely because it is based on the products we have in the kitchen at the time. It may therefore happen that you will only find certain dishes or soups in certain periods. Here are some examples.


Our cured meats

Prosciutto crudo aged 24 months, ham cooked in bread crust, ossocollo, ombolo, bacon, salami from both pork and sheep.

Pecorino Formaggio pecora Carso Fattoria Antonic Trieste Ceroglie

Karst Pecorino

Cheeses made from raw sheep's milk: from the freshest ones such as ricotta or caciotta to the more mature cheeses, aged for 30/60/90 days.

First courses


Bean, sauerkraut and potato soup

Homemade potato gnocchi

With ragù, wild boar or butter and sage

Second courses

Pork shank

Typical Karst dish that takes up its German origins in its preparation.


Pork sausages made with the family recipe

Lamb frankfurters

Our Vienna-style sausages made with sheep meat.

Side dishes

Seasonal potatoes and vegetables

From the vegetable garden directly to our table.


Apple strudel

Of Austro-Hungarian origin, the most typical dessert in the Karst.