Karst Pecorino

Our cheese is made with the milk of the sheep we bring to free pasture every day on the Karst land. The care of the animal and its healthy diet give the milk - and consequently our pecorino - particular, highly admired characteristics.

Give and receive. Contact with the earth.

The grass that grows in the Karst is unique and is characterised by the natural elements that surround it: the climate and exposure to the sun, the sea breeze and the mountains.

A wide variety of aromatic herbs grow on these lands and are part of our sheep's diet. In fact, our animals are free to graze the best grass, to move and be in the sunlight.

Benefiting from its grass, the sheep fertilise and clean the Karst land: with this virtuous circle, we can have the most beautiful and clean pastures every year..

We respect the times

On the farm you will not always find the same type of cheese, because ours is not intensive breeding.

We must allow time for the sheep to give birth to the lambs, to give them milk and wean them: only then can we use milk to produce the cheese to bring to the table.

In the same way, the sheep have to leave the grass alone in the cold months, staying in the warmth in their stables while we let the cheese age.

Different cheeses, different flavours, same quality

Our pecorino cheeses are made with the milk of our Istrian-Karst and Sardinian sheep.
Here's what you can find on our farm:

  • fresh caciotta
  • cheese aged 30-60-90-120 days
  • blue cheese with herbs and flowers picked from the Karst pastures
  • fresh ricotta
  • fresh ricotta with herbs

How and when to taste our cheeses

You can come and buy them in the farm shop every day from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 12pm

Formaggio di pecora fresco

I nostri formaggi di pecora più freschissimi o stagionati fino ad un massimo di 30 giorni.

La domenica mattina se vieni nel nostro spaccio puoi prendere la ricotta ancora calda, una prelibatezza gourmet.
Anche i nostri formaggi freschi vengono preparati con il latte biologico delle pecore carsoline e sono Presidio Slow Food.